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About Us

banner-meet-dr-joseph-greerDr. Joseph Greer opened Sunrise Chiropractic in 1992, and for the past 25 years he’s been inspiring patients to reach for their goals in health through natural and gentle chiropractic care. We believe in diving deep into your problems and turning over new stones that haven’t been explored before. We’re often able to help patients identify the cause of issues they’ve been dealing with for years that other doctors were unable to pinpoint.

The Sunrise Chiropractic Mission

At our practice, we hope to inspire patients to live well for life, whether you’re coming to us for pain relief, a personal injury, are bringing in a child, or are just someone who wants to feel better.

It’s our goal to do everything we can do help you, and Dr. Greer is a seasoned professional when it comes to providing natural, effective and specific chiropractic care when you need it most.


Care for All Ages

We’re happy to see patients of all ages in our practice, from newborn babies to seniors well into their golden years. No matter how young or old you are, chiropractic has something to offer you. Dr. Greer specializes in using the Thompson Drop Table technique, which is an extremely gentle adjustment that doesn’t require any unnecessary shifting or bending of your spine or neck. For this reason, it’s an ideal technique for patients who may be new or nervous about chiropractic care.

Dr. Greer also uses Applied Kinesiology and the Pierce-Stillwagon technique.

Visit Us Today

Ready to learn more about how Dr. Greer and our entire Tucson team can help your family feel better? We’d love to speak with you. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment and get started.

We look forward to meeting you, solving your underlying problems!

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