Core 4: Headaches


When your body can not adapt These are some of the things that can let the symptoms of a Headache come on.

The body does not have to perfect to stay healthy, it has to be able to adapt.

But to find out the Cause We use your CORE 4 Score!

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Stress can take a toll on you. Breathe, relax and take a stroll.


Brightness from your computer screen, sunlight or overhead lights can make things painful. Turn it down and try adding a desk lamp.


It’s not just loud, repetitive sounds. Even lower level on continuous noise can hurt. Calming music and headphones may help.

Eating + Sleeping Patterns

Eat when you’re hungry. Sleep enough (not too much or too little), and don’t sleep in an odd position in a cold room – it can make your muscles spasm.


Some prescription medications may have the potential to trigger a headache. If you notice an increase, talk to your doctor.

Physical Activity

Take it easy in the gym. Pushing too hard can result in an exertional headache from the swelling of blood vessels in your head, neck and scalp.


When estrogen levels drop (especially right before your period), you may be more likely to get a headache. Keep track of your cycle and plan when you can.

“So what should I do?”

Well, every body is different. But knowing what works for you (and what doesn’t) can help you avoid headaches in the future. Listen to your body. It’s smarter than you think! Experiment and see what works for you.

What is your Core 4 Score?

Your CORE 4 Profile Maps out the Cause of your Problem and Shows a Path Back Back to Strength and Recovery

Your CORE 4 Profile

  • Orthopedic- Dynamic Motions Patterns
  • Neurological Control
  • Chiropractic – Cortical Integrity
  • Postural Compensations – Balance

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