Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can have several causes. However, no matter the reason, it is always painful and needs to be treated. At Sunrise Chiropractic in Tucson, AZ, our team is here to help you solve your back pain issues. Here are some ways you'll get lower back pain treatment.

man with lower back pain

Massage Therapy

Our licensed massage therapist can be enormously helpful in treating and managing your lower back pain. This pain is often caused by tension and damage in the soft tissues like muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Our massage therapist uses their training to manipulate that tissue with their hands. This therapy promotes relaxation, relief, and reduced pain. It also increases the blood flow to the injured muscles, which enables faster healing from injuries. Massage provides immediate relief from pain, while regular appointments can help manage it long-term.

Spinal Adjustments

If your spine is out of alignment, that could cause some of your discomfort. Chiropractic care can help with this. Our chiropractor in Tucson will use special techniques to realign your spine, providing immediate pain relief.


Heating pads and hot baths can be beneficial for managing your lower back pain. Apply the heat directly to the injured muscles. Like massage, this heat will relax them, releasing tension, and relieving your pain. It also promotes better circulation. A hot bath is the best option, since it applies damp heat to a more significant portion of your body. However, a heating pad can also be effective.


Exercise will likely be a significant part of your lower back pain treatment. While you don’t want to overdo exercise, it is essential that you still keep your body moving. Overworking the muscles prevents them from getting weaker. Yet, it leads to even more pain and difficulty recovering.

In addition, by using your muscles, you keep them flexible and less prone to injury in the future. Stretching will increase flexibility in these muscles, so ensure this is also part of your exercise routine to get the most benefits. Our chiropractic care provider can suggest specialized exercise routines targeting injured areas.

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